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 If you are 55 and older with an IRA or 401k and Hold Retirement Savings Worth Over $100,000 this is for you... How much of your income is guaranteed in retirement? How can cash distributions and inflation impact your retirement savings? Curious, did this market crash cause you to throw your financial plan out the window? Or did you just merely put it through the shredder With each passing day, the United States sinks further and further into debt and the cold hard truth is that it's taking your hard-earned retirement savings right along with it. As of this writing…   If you're worried (and you should be) don't sit around and simply hope for the best, you can protect yourself right here and now… According to Morning Star Magazine, only 5% of all Americans will enjoy a better lifestyle in retirement Are you counting on Social Security? Well, maybe you need to think twice.” Currently, the nation is $20 trillion dollars in debt and the Social Security program is severely under