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Augusta Precious Metals Reviews 2024| Complaints, Fees & More


Augusta precious metals reviews 2023

It's important to put money toward our retirement. When it comes to decisions affecting our income and finances, none of us should take anything lightly.

 Choosing the best IRA account is likely the most important retirement choice we will ever make.
Due to this, I'm eager to write a review for Augusta Precious Metals, a popular provider of Gold and Silver IRAs. We'll examine the Pros and, yes, the Cons of this reputable IRA provider in order to assist you in making the best choice possible.

What Is Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta has been in operation since 2012 and has a plethora of knowledge regarding precious metals. They have an average rating of 4.8 or better across TrustLink, Google Reviews, and Facebook.

 That amounts to dozens of individuals who have gone above and beyond to share with the world how wonderful Augusta has been for them.

It's critical to choose the appropriate company since, according to Forbes, up to 10% of your whole retirement plan should be invested in precious metals. You may choose Augusta with confidence because they have the experience and the positive customer reviews.

Complaints about Augusta Precious Metals

No business is perfect, so it makes sense to consider customer complaints when conducting a review. Nevertheless, I was able to locate just one unfavorable review and no complaints for Augusta on the BBB website.

Augusta has ratings above 4.9 out of 5 on websites such as and the BBB.

AAA BCA Rating

BBB Rating: A+

 BCA Complaints: 0

0 complaints to BBB

TrustLink: 5 out of 5. according to 283 reviews

Concerning consumers: 129 Reviews - Overall Rating: 4.9

Using Google My Business: 4.9 stars, obtained from 221 reviews

via Facebook: 76 reviews yielded a score of 4.8.

What Makes Augusta Special?

There are numerous providers of Gold IRAs. There's a solid reason, too. Precious metals investments can be an excellent way to protect against inflation and offer security in turbulent economic times.


You can depend on gradual access and education with Augusta. When setting up a Gold IRA, many issues must be answered, including: Roth or traditional? Rollover? Silver or gold? of your portfolio, roughly?

With a devoted Director of Education like Devlyn Steele, Augusta stands out. Devlyn is dedicated to a knowledgeable consumer, thus Augusta prioritizes your comprehension over accepting you as a client.

They are so committed to ensuring that you are educated that they have an entire website dedicated to avoiding Gold and Silver IRA frauds. There is a ton of information available, and Augusta wants you to have access to it all.

During the account setup procedure, education is just the beginning. You receive Lifetime Account Support with Augusta. You can always get information, prices, and options from your agent.

Process simplicity

The manner in which Augusta has streamlined the procedure is another feature that distinguishes them. You may be confident that no details are overlooked because we will work with you through every piece of documentation.

Whether you want to start investing from fresh or rollover an existing IRA, you can rely on Augusta to make the procedure as simple as possible.

Fees And Costs

There are no management fees at Augusta Precious Metals, which is fantastic news. Augusta only levies an account setup fee since they are so committed to Gold IRAs being truly Self-Directed. After that, the storage facility of your choice will solely charge you custodial costs.

In fact, you don't even need to pay for shipping or order insurance when making qualified purchases. That's accurate. Up until they are delivered to your storage facility, Augusta will take care of all the charges associated with your gold or silver.

Fees at Setup: There are two annual fees and a one-time $50 setup fee for a total of $250 when you first set up your account.

Custodian maintenance fees and storage fees, each $100 per year. so $200 annually.

Spread: The Transaction Agreement states that the normal spread (the difference between the price they charge and the price of the gold or silver) is only about 5%, which is extremely small in this market. However, the spread on Premium purchases can reach 33%.

How It Works?

The goal of Augusta Precious Metals is to have an informed consumer base. Additionally, they want everything to go as smoothly as possible. They lay out a straightforward five-step procedure to get you started.

When you initially visit Augusta's website, they'll offer to immediately put you in touch with an agent. They emphasize getting to know you as well. They are aware that not all retirements are the same. Everyone has unique objectives, varied savings, and unique worries.

After getting to know you, Augusta will assist you in learning about the markets for precious metals. What is in and what is out. What to search for and what to avoid

The next phase is the one that most people dread: the paperwork. The good news is that Augusta will work closely with you to set up your account and connect you with the purchases you wish to make at their Order Desk throughout the entire process.

Physical Gold And Silver

Augusta can assist you if you're interested in paying cash for actual Gold and Silver. Even simpler than with an IRA buy, the process is straightforward. To buy Gold or Silver coins, bars, or other available bullion, simply fund your account, go to the order desk, and place your order.

Step 1: Transfer money to your new Augusta account in order to fund your account.

Purchase Gold and Silver from the options offered by Augusta's Order Desk in step two.

Step 3: Accept delivery at your place of business and store there as you choose.

Pros And Cons

Despite all the things we liked about Augusta Precious Metals, there were a few flaws. Here is an exhaustive list of the Pros and Cons.


The first is education.

Their attention is on getting to know you, the client.

The procedure is easy and uncomplicated.

Numerous outstanding testimonials, including one from Joe Montana.


Information about Gold and Silver Prices is hard to find.

To find their cost structure, I had to search through forms.

high premium purchase spread.

Last Words

Finally, there are many Precious Metals IRAs available, and some of them are less reliable than others. I can state that Augusta Precious Metals has worked hard to establish trust thanks to their excellent reputation, positive customer feedback, and commitment to education.

All that's left to do is call them directly and ask what they can do for you.


How Do They Make Money If There Are No Fees?

By making it easier for outside sources to buy gold and silver, Augusta makes money.

Why Purchase Physical Silver/Gold?

Precious metals purchased for an IRA are treated in the same way as any stocks or bonds held in another IRA. In order to avoid paying early withdrawal penalties, you are unable to access them until after retirement. You can have the gold or silver that you purchase physically delivered to your home.

Those Reviews—Are They All Valid?

Yes. We can obtain a clearer image of how a firm is truly doing when we triangulate reviews from several sources, which is one of the best reasons to do so. Augusta has excellent evaluations from sites that screen their reviews in addition to receiving an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.